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The latest trends in digital advertising

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Buyer Persona Versus Audience Target

Marketers deal with buyers. It could be a business or a person but in the end, it is those who are paying for the product or service. Content deals with audience. An audience may or may not buy the product, but they are the perfect target for the message. Often the audience is an influencer […]

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Why Content Marketing Matters

As we stumble into 2018 here are 3 trends to keep in mind. 1. Content replaces advertising Traditionally advertising has been a one-way communication complete with jingles and repetition. Consumers have never liked it and in the world of social media they hate it. When in the right context and when relevant consumers tolerate advertising […]

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Bitcoin Starter Guide

Free Bitcoin information for those interested to invest in Bitcoin. Always remember to invest responsibly and never risk more than you can lose. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Short History of Bitcoin Bitcoin started […]

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What is Content Strategy?

First and foremost it is not something you draft and hang on the wall. Content Strategy requires iteration on a monthly basis. This does not mean your target or message changes monthly but rather that you should review your prior month and see what works (and what didn’t). While it’s important to remain consistent; process, […]

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What is the #1 marketing/sales focus you have for the second half of the year?

Your #1 Marketing Focus for 2017  by Josh Turner We’re just past the halfway point for 2017 – can you believe it?!?! And while many of use focus on planning and forecasting at the start of the new year, how many of us are looking back at those goals and predictions throughout the year? Our company […]

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What’s the Future of Advertising?

via Nick Hastreiter In the past 20 years, every industry has gone through some form of digital transformation but few industries have been as heavily impacted as the advertising industry. In 1996, only 20 years ago, the internet was just starting to take off. This year, it’s projected that digital ad spend will officially […]

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Associated Press Interview

WASHINGTON (AP) — Home prices are surging. Job growth is strengthening. And stocks are setting record highs. All of which explains why Americans are more hopeful about the economy than at any other point in five years. Consider Michael Quintos, head of a Chicago advertising agency that helps small businesses market themselves through social media. […]

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Facebook Graph Search

Complicated question but at the core did social just move towards search or did search become more social?  Not to oversimplify the point but people like to buy from someone they know; they value the opinions of friends more than a website user, or Google search. Facebook can connect and Google can’t.  Clearly Facebook will […]

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Social Media Reach

People Talking About This Facebook introduced a new analytical metric on Facebook Pages that has amounted to a tectonic shift in the way marketers need to think about reaching out to the public. The new “Talking About This” metric puts the emphasis squarely on engagement, something many campaigns have largely dismissed in the race for […]

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