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What is the #1 marketing/sales focus you have for the second half of the year?

We’re just past the halfway point for 2017 – can you believe it?!?!

And while many of use focus on planning and forecasting at the start of the new year, how many of us are looking back at those goals and predictions throughout the year? Our company certainly does. Our leadership team meets quarterly to map out goals and priorities and constantly checks in on progress throughout the quarter.

We recently took a poll of some accomplished CEOs to find where their focus lies for the rest of 2017.

We simply asked: What isthe #1 marketing/sales focus you have for the second half of the year?

There’s a lot to be learned from the success of others and hope you find their answers enlightening.


~ Michael Quintos, President at Digital Ad Agency

“The most important thing a business owner can do is turn off their Wi-Fi go to their basement and open their website via mobile. This is how most users first are introduced to your brand. Does it load fast? Is the text readable? If not, fix that ASAP. It’s part of your brand image and importantly Google’s algorithm now gives higher rankings for mobile fast and friendly sites.

It is estimated that more than 75% of users are accessing your site via mobile and most are on 3G network speed.”

~ Nate Dame, CEO and Founder at Propecta

“Closing deals is my answer, ha!

Seriously though, our #1 focus is getting more of the right content in front of the right buyers at the right time.

We’re doing that through SEO of course. We’ve seen a spike in brand new leads from our own SEO which is exciting – I think the result of our focus on blog topics that hit hot-button issues that others are not covering. We’re also making better use of Marketo and equipping our team with a better standing of the library of content we have so they are able to share relevant material with clients and prospects as conversations happen.”

~ Sandy Marisco, CEO at Sandstorm Design

“At Chicago brand experience agency, Sandstorm, we’re focused on increasing brand awareness (and ultimately lead gen) through the thoughtful combination of speaking, social buzz, and PR opportunities—from being featured on ABC News to participating on panels at the Executive Club and Northwestern University.

By immersing ourselves in topics we are passionate about, we get the opportunity to share insights that drive business growth, build relationships with interesting people, and fully live one of our core values: learning and sharing.”

~ John McNulty, CEO at Didgebridge

“Helping our customers accelerate growth by physical world deployments of Interactive mobile video, with proprietary ROI analytics.”

~ Sebastian Diericx, Chief Strategy Officer at Pork & Mindy’s

“Our main focus for the 2nd semester of 2017 is to engage consumers in immersing experiences that connect them through all of their senses. Our new tag line at Pork & Mindy’s is ” Feed your senses”, every time you come to one of our stores.”

~ Jason Puckett, CEO at AdBasis

“At AdBasis, our #1 Marketing focus is developing and promoting really good content. As a B2B marketer, there is nothing better than helping businesses solve problems and find answers. The AdBasis database is full of untapped creative metadata from our clients. We want to publish this data in ways that helps other marketers answer questions. We believe focusing on helping others will in turn bring more customers through our doors. “

~ Ajay Pattani, CEO at Perfect Search Media

“When we think about internal marketing for our services, we like to get creative. When we’re evaluating ways to reach new prospects, we always come back to finding contacts that are new to their job. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve had success targeting new marketing directors, since they’re often more open to new agency relationships.

As for a marketing focus for the second half of 2017, we’re targeting the e-commerce vertical. Q4 is generally the peak sale time for e-commerce brands, so they’re looking for ways to maximize their success–and we’re there to help them do so.”

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