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Why Content Marketing Matters

As we stumble into 2018 here are 3 trends to keep in mind.

Content Marketing

1. Content replaces advertising

Traditionally advertising has been a one-way communication complete with jingles and repetition. Consumers have never liked it and in the world of social media they hate it. When in the right context and when relevant consumers tolerate advertising often even finding it helpful. When ads are personal and authentic the conversation becomes two-way.

2. Brands that talk with emotion and messaging are now the norm

Nike’s “Just Do It” is a slogan but it also elicits and emotion inside us; one that is motivational, easily understood and generally done with a focus on people not just their product. You don’t own your brand, people do.

3. Chatbots (everywhere)

Consumers are warm towards chat bots as they generally are able to get answers to the questions they seek. Additionally, a website has a more “human” feel to it when a bot is there to interact with you as needed. Brands that fish where the fish are and use genuine and compelling content are seeing much better results than those that do not.

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