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What is Content Strategy?

First and foremost it is not something you draft and hang on the wall. Content Strategy requires iteration on a monthly basis. This does not mean your target or message changes monthly but rather that you should review your prior month and see what works (and what didn’t).

While it’s important to remain consistent; process, timeline, right content and right audience – the “right” goal is to bolster your marketing goals.

It doesn’t matter what your business does or provides but it does matter that your content resonates with your audience. It builds your community and also helps to position yourself as a subject matter expert.

Always ask questions, never fear the unknown and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

It’s important to keep your content aligned with the business mission but it’s equally important to keep in mind the ABC’s of content. Always Be Changing, your target market is dodging your every move. You need to fish where the fish are.

As always, be Consistent with your tone and Cadence as you curate Content (the three C’s)

Content Strategy

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